How It Works

When does business happen? Around the clock. 365 days a year.

With All About You Answering Service, you get all the benefits of a personal telephone assistant morning, noon, and night, without boosting your payroll or having to sit by a phone. When your clients call, your All About You assistant can put those calls right through to you, or customers deliver a message to you via text or email. It’s all up to you. We offer personalized scripting, or can work from your script, and can converse in both English and Spanish. And we’re based right here in the U.S., not overseas. All About You gives you all the benefits of an on-call team, without the payroll, and without your having to use your personal cellphone. And no-one beats our personal attention to your specific needs, no matter the size of your business or organization.

All About You Answering Service is a social enterprise of the Center for Living and Learning, a non-profit that since 2001 has helped disadvantaged Americans acquire and hold stable employment.